It’s not just a matter of comfort or the wish to have a pair of shoes that can be useful in other occasion. This is a real revolution in the way women live their wedding.

Many of them are now choosing to unfollow the traditional etiquette in favor of a more personal approach to the ceremony and a truly unique style.

That’s why sports shoes are more and more coming out from under the tulle and organza veils of bride dresses. Even major brands are taking note of this change and are creating shoes that fit these new market demands.

But how do bridal sneakers

look like?

They are strictly white or light colored, of course.

This is the only sure thing.

Then, they can be extremely simple, or decorated with embroidery, lace or glitter. Often they have satin or silk bows instead of the more common strings. Some shoes could have golden or silver inserts to match with other accessories or decorations.

Moreover, bride sneakers can be tall at the ankles or low, flat or with a bit of platform, they can look punk, very romantic or exaggerated.

It’s all about what the bride wants. It’s her day, after all!