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Innovation, creativity and the inimitable Italian style make SPORT COMMERCE ITALIA SRL a revolutionary reality in the footwear industry. Its success both in Italy and abroad is the result of the company's strength combined with the talent of a young team, able to quickly sense the newest trends of the shoe markets.

Our values

Trends and Tradition

A deep understanding of the target audience and the ability to anticipate global trends are the basis on which SPORT COMMERCE ITALIA SRL creates its range of Italian shoes. The trendy PHILIPPROSS urban line. The brand Sail Navy, that mixes the casual and sporty style. And the eccentric line of Enrico Coveri, directly from the fashionable city of Milan.

Processes and technologies

Innovative Processes

Global fashion trends change quickly but SPORT COMMERCE ITALIA SRL is always able to respond effectively. Its dynamic and flexible company structure and the use of the newest technologies allow not only to optimize the creative processes through real-time modeling, but also to reach an efficient management of the production, the supply and the distribution channels. It is a disruptive model that takes the footwear industry to another level.

Timing is everything

Time Design Project
Prototyping Project
Pre Production Test
Sample Production

Worldwide Distribution

SPORT COMMERCE ITALIA SRL has the aim to enhance the historic heritage of the "Made in Italy" shoe and fashion brands, transforming them into products suitable for a globalized market. This is possible thanks to a network of partners and resellers located throughout the world. A network that not only places the finished products globally but also foresees the market needs and communicate them.

That's how SPORT COMMERCE ITALIA SRL creates shoes that combine the Italian manufacturing tradition to the most contemporary and international fashion. A footwear with a unique added value.

Sport Design Srl

We are an Italian company specialized in the Made In Italy design. We are focused on the development of innovative techniques, on creativity and on the constant research on materials. These are the key elements for the creation of original and exclusive collections with more than 2,000 references per season. Sport Design is made up of Italian professionals and technicians who work with the team of Sport Ten Far East for the realization of the collections.

Sport-Ten Far East Limited

Holding of the group.
We deal with the production management, the quality control and the realization of all the collections created by Sport Design, through our own production line.
At the moment we are able to produce more than 2,000,000 pairs of shoes every season.
We aim to expand our potential over the next 3 years, adding the production of new licensing brands.

Sport Commerce Italia Srl

We are specialized in the distribution and the marketing of licensed brands throughout Europe and the EMEA area. We rely on important distribution chains and individual retail distributors.
Sport Commerce Italia is a rapid distribution network, almost in real time, which can reach the most important international retailers.

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